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Non-surgical fat dissolving for submental,  butterfly sleeve and more. 

Cellulite Treatment. 


LipoDissove is a non-surgical procedure of injecting a combination of homeopathic agents and FDA/Health Canada Approved medications deep into fat pockets to cause the fat cells to breakdown. And targeted fat will be metabolized and excreted out in the urine. 

Treatments can be done every 8 weeks apart in the same area, or every 4 weeks in different areas. Our experienced and licensed professionals will do our best to fulfill your demands.


Results vary depending on invidicual responses to the medications as well as the type of fat that is being treated. Generally, the average patient requires approximately 1-3 treatments for treating fat with the goal of losing at least 1 inch of fat with each treatment. And on average, clients start noticing visible improvement from any particular treatment session about 4-7 weeks after that treatment.

Level of Pain

The procedure is done with very small needles and most people are able to tolerate the procedure without any difficulty.  Numbing is optional. 


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